Registering VB6 Controls

Registering VB6 Controls

If you installed Profit  7 or earlier and Dakota and when I started one of these I got various errors about controls not being properly registered. I searched the internet and read that InstallShield may not be registering various components properly on Vista and newer Windows. Someone suggested using a BAT file, and offered one, that unregisters and then re-registers a wide range of Visual Basic 6 controls. I read over the contents of the batch file and it is safe. I added a couple more controls and ran it on this Vista box and it worked! Those errors were eliminated.

I have zipped this batch file up in a text file ( . If you have Vista or newer Windows and have "OCX Not Properly Registered Errors", then you might try this:

1. Download the attached zip
2. Close all applications (ours and others)
3. Unzip the file
4. Change the extension to BAT. That is, rename the file from bcsRegControls.txt to bcsRegControls.bat
5. Copy to the C:\Windows\System32 directory (Vista will snarl and whine)
6. RIGHT CLICK and "Run as Administrator".

A black box will appear and commands will scroll by. Worked well for me.

P.S. Use this at your own risk. It is merely offered as something I found useful. If your computer crashes, blows up or smokes into a melted lump of plastic, you cannot hold us responsible.

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